5 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables 2021

Puzzles are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family. Research has proven several psychological benefits for the whole family. Some benefits are increased creativity, improved memory, and integrated brain utilization. 

Because they require a lot of table space, it’s best to have portable and foldable jigsaw puzzle tables to keep the room clutter-free. Finding the jigsaw puzzle table that suits your needs may be challenging, considering many brands and models are available.

In this article we have selected 5 best highly rated and hot selling jigsaw puzzle tables for you. Read on and at the end you will be in a much better position to decide which puzzle table is best suited to your needs.

Our recommendations are based on reviews by actual consumers, market research and consumer forums.

Bits and Pieces – Jumbo Puzzle Wooden Plateau


This unique jigsaw puzzle table can be used anywhere – on the floor or the bed. Sorting and holding your pieces is a breeze using four wooden reinforced sliding drawers.

The work surface is made of fireboard and raised edges to prevent your puzzle from sliding. The acetate cover holds pieces in place while moving the table. Extendable sturdy legs allow the top surface to be set at a perfect height.

With extended legs the table is 35.5” in width, 26.5” in length and 15.5” in height. It can be used for up to1500 pieces puzzle. It weighs around 16 pounds.


bits and pieces jumbo puzzle woodenplateau





Good built quality.


Drawers for easy storage of pieces.

Clear cover to place over puzzle while solving.

Worth the price.


Some consumers complained that the drawers don’t slide in and out easily.

Top surface is not completely flat.

It is recommended to add magnetic catches for the legs.


Jigthings JIGTABLE Jigsaw Puzzle Table


This innovatively designed multipurpose jigsaw puzzle table is fully adjustable. It can also be used for writing, reading, and eating. The height can be adjusted, and the top surface can be tilted as per your needs. Most suitable for 500 to 1000 pieces puzzles. The jigboard overlaps the table with a 1500 or 2000 pieces puzzle.

This model is best for people with back or neck pain. Enjoy solving puzzles without hurting your back or neck. The table easily fits over the arms of a 29” chair.

The laminated top is easy to wipe clean. The four strong casters help you move the table to a corner when not in use. The large wheels roll easily over the carpet.Table top is 31” wide and 22” long. You can adjust the height from 27” to 33”.

Jitthings jig table jigsaw puzzle table





Easy to move because of casters.

Adjustable work surface – saves from back pain.

Sturdy and well designed.

Easy to move out of the way.

Good range of slant.

Great for crafting.


The table is not foldable. Had it been, it would have been real gem.

Some consumers complained that assembling the table takes time and effort.

A bit pricy since you have to purchase the jig board separately.


DAPU Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table


Made from solid wood, this portable, and foldable jigsaw puzzle table comes with two drawers. The folding function saves room space when not in use. It can be stored under a sofa or bed. It’s exceptionally versatile. Portability allows you to take it to other peoples’ houses to enjoy puzzle solving.

The unique fabric on the top keeps puzzle pieces in place and also provides an ideal surface to puzzle on. Fits up to 1000 piece puzzles.

Dimensions of puzzle table are 30” width x 22” length x 12” height – weight 10 pounds.

DAPU wooden jigsaw puzzle table





Stable – great surface level for keeping the puzzle pieces in place.

Easy to transport/store.


Using the table on the couch is difficult since it’s a bit tall and hangs off the couch.

One consumer complained that the loom strings do not stay in place, keep popping off.


Bits and Pieces Puzzle Expert Wooden Tilt-Up Table


This jigsaw puzzle table has two prominent qualities. Fold and Tilt. Save your neck and back and use it on the couch, chair, or bed. Sturdy reinforced support legs allow you to use it as a free-standing table or place it on a flat surface.

The custom-designed tilt-up table features a generous 25″ x 34″ work surface to accommodate standard 1000 piece puzzles. The Masonite cover secures your puzzle in progress with swivel clips to secure it in place.

Dimensions: 37.99” width x 29.61” length x 4.8” height – Weight: 27.3 pounds. With open legs, the tabletop is 28″ from the ground.


bits and pieces wooden tilt up table





Well worth the money.

Can be placed anywhere and used without hurting the neck or back.

“Removable cover – saves from pets sitting on it.


It is a bit pricy.

There is only one height – but the top tilts up.

It’s quiet heavier and some customers find it challenging to fold/unfold.

When the legs are extended the go out to at least 54” which seems too far. Problematic if you have limited space.


Jigthings JIGSORT 500 – Jigsaw Puzzle case


The lightweight jigsaw puzzle case from Jigthings is a fantastic product. Packing, carrying, and storing your jigsaw puzzles safely and neatly is a breeze. A unique fabric covers the sturdy construction board. The raised edge around the board ensures that the puzzle pieces do not move.

The case comes with two sort trays to assemble pieces before moving them to the mainboard. The stylish outer case has a zip for keeping the pieces safe. The fully stitched strong handle makes transportation very easy.

The jigsaw puzzle case dimensions are 20.5” width x 15.5” length x 3” height. Suitable for most puzzles up to 500 pieces. The weight is merely 2.2 pounds.


jigthings jigsort 500 puzzle case





Portability – easy to transport.

Thoughtfully designed – beautifully made.

Effortless storage


Some 500 piece puzzles don’t fit on this board when completed. Check maximum fit size from the seller before ordering. A 1000 piece case is also available from same company.

The storage trays are unable to accommodate 1.4” thick wooden pieces.



Before making a buying decision, you should keep the following factors in the mind:

Portability: Portability is one of the essential factors. Select the easily portable model since you would like to engage in puzzle solving activity at different places, maybe around the pool, a kitchen table, or neighbor’s house. Keep the weight and dimensions in mind.

Storage: Considering that there is limited space in most modern houses, choose a minimum space taking model for storage. Ideally, you should be able to store it under the bed or couch. Look for the unit size after folding. Also, it should be able to save your unfinished puzzles.

Material: Most of the puzzle tables are made of wood, board, and fabric on the top. Different companies use different materials to cover the board. If you have some allergies, have a close look at the tabletop’s fabric, which you will be in close contact with.

Puzzle Size:  Make sure you select a model that can easily handle the size of your puzzle. Another thing to consider is the size and thickness of the puzzle pieces. Larger and thicker pieces will not fit (on the board) and will have storage issues. Ask the seller if you are in doubt.

Physical Constraints:  Look for the model, which is easy on your back and neck. If you are already suffering from these issues, select a table that can be tilted and easily fit over a chair’s arms.


We hope that the above information was useful to you. If you found it helpful in any way, please share it with your friends and family. Thank you


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