5 Best Bottle Sterilizers And Warmers in 2021

Do you want for your baby to have consistently warm milk all the times? And are you also concerned about your baby’s hygiene? Then read through this article and choose one from the 5 best bottle sterilizers and warmers we have selected for you.

Our selection is based on quality, reliability, features, market research and real consumers’ experiences. For your convenience we have selected the models with both sterilization and warming functions as well as separate warmers and sterilizers.

GROWNSY Store Bottle Warmer Sterilizer


The 5-in-1 bottle warmer and sterilizer from GROWNSY Store can be the best gift for baby growing families. The five functions include warming, sterilizing, food heating, normal warming and defrosting.

The fast warming function warms a 240 ml milk bottle in 3 minutes. The steam sterilizer function kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Constant temperature mode can keep the temperature of preset for up to 24 hours. You could feed your baby day and night conveniently. Made with food grade PP safety material, the machine provides a perfect sleep to the family.


best bottle sterilizer and warmer


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Good bang for the buck

Compact and sleek design

Not too noisy

Easy to use. A single knob for all operations

Universal bottle warmer – can be used with almost all brands of bottles

Very useful 24-hour milk warming function for breastfeeding mothers


No auto shut off or timer – To avoid overheating take out the bottle as soon as the light turns off.

Difficult to use in the night – the markings aren’t prominent.

For auto shut off and timer functions check out this model : GROWNSY Store Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer with Timer

MOSFiATA Store Bottle Warmer Sterilizer 


The 7-in-1 multifunction bottle warmer and sterilizer from MOSFiATA Store is made with BPA free plastic. The seven functions include constant breast milk warming, formula mixer, fast warm, fast food heating, steam sterilizer and defrost with reservation.

You don’t need to be worried about over or under heating as the ½ hour to 24 hours timer ensures availability of warm milk at your desired time.

Uniquely designed bottle warmer can warm 30/50 ml milk up to 2120F in 6 to 8 minutes. Large capacity (up to 4 bottles) bottle sterilizer fits all kinds of glass, plastic and newborn feeding bottles including wide mouth, angled and standard.


best bottle sterilizer and warmer


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Easy Operation

Timer (½ hour to 24 hours)

Large LED Display

Auto Power Off

Easy cleaning because of wide opening

Large capacity bottle sterilizer


The rapid heating is not quite rapid

Touch buttons seem sometime hard to press or not sensing

No bottle dryer

Check out another brand with almost same quality and price range:  BOLOLO Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer 

EIVOTOR Bottle Warmer Dry Sterilizer  


The EIVOTOR bottle warmer and dry sterilizer has four modes and six functions. It can be used for heating milk, sterilizing, preparing milk, heating food, boiling eggs and drying. Made with BPA free plastic the unit is quite easy to use.

Fast warming functions provides you peace of mind as you can warm the food/milk in a short period of time, any time. High temperature sterilization removes harmful bacteria to keep your baby free from harmful germs.

Auto power off feature provides safety. In case of lack of water the unit turns off automatically. Compatible with most milk bottles in the market, the unit is big enough to hold 2 bottles in warm mode and 4 bottles in other modes.


best bottle sterilizer and warmer


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Dryer for drying the bottles automatically after sterilization

Keeps bottle warm for up to 48 hours

Quite intuitive to use

Large LED display


Sterilization and drying takes longer

Some consumers were not satisfied with the quality of material

Here is another brand (a bit pricey) with similar functions but higher ratings: OMORC Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer 550W 

Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer 


Highly rated and bestseller, this sterilizer eliminates harmful germs and bacteria within 2 minutes. Lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for use when traveling.

It can sterilize up to 4 bottles – or a combination of breast pump parts, pacifiers, non-metal utensils and other microwave-safe baby items, at a time. If the lid is not opened the contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours.


best bottle sterilizers and warmers

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Great for a quick sterilization

Easy to use

Sturdy and durable

Lightweight – compact enough for travel

Highly reputable brand 


No Drying function

Make sure that your microwave have the capacity to fit in this sterilizer which measures 6.5″ high, 11″ wide and 11” long.

Can only be used for sterilization – no bottle warmer: Solution: use Philips Avent, Baby Bottle Warmer An expensive but quality solution.

Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer 


Baby’s Brew is the first-ever battery-powered bottle warmer that can heat your baby’s breast milk to a perfectly safe temperature (up to 1100 F) within 5 to 10 minutes. The slow heat technology preserves the nutrients in the milk.

Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel, this bottle warmer is designed to fit most bottles. An adapter can be separately purchased if your bottle doesn’t fit the warmer.


best bottle sterilizers and warmers


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Absolute convenience

Battery powered (battery life 8-12 hours)

Adjustable temperature function


Only for breast milk – for formula milk you have to buy a set which contains a warmer and formula dispenser

Need separate adapters (sold separately) if you want to use it with bottles you already have, and they don’t fit in the warmer

Warming time varies with the quantity of milk


We hope that after reading the article you are in the better position to decide which model to choose. We have tried our best to be impartial in reviewing the products.

As always, if you think this review was helpful, share it on the social media. If you need additional information or if you would like us to review more models, please do comment in the section below.

It would be useful for other readers, if you could share your experiences of using the brands we mentioned in this article.

For more information about bottle sterilizers and warmers check out this buying guide.


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