5 Best Automatic Chicken Waterers 2021

In addition to a healthy feed, clean water is vital for your chickens’ health. Manual waterers are hard to clean, need constant refilling and a mess for chicken herders. Change your farming style with the best automatic chicken waterer – automatic refilling, easy cleaning and efficient.

Selecting the best from a list of so many brands is time consuming and confusing. To help you out we have selected five top rated best automatic chicken waterers for you. Read the article and we are sure that at the end you will be in a much better and informed position to decide which brand and model to choose.

Rent-A-Coop Chicken Waterer with Poultry Nipples


A unique and innovative design. A complete system – no assembling needed. Four horizontal nipples minimize the chances of water mixing with food. The coop remains damp free since there is no chance of chicken spilling the water. The translucent (you can see the water level) bucket can hold 5 gallons of water – no need for daily refills.
Dimensions: Width 10” Length 12″. Available in 2 different sizes.


Best Automatic Chicken Waterers


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Good quality and design – no more spilling of water.

With top cover  – prevents chickens to poo on the top

Big size – no need to replenish on daily basis.



A bit pricy.

Primarily designed to be placed in the center of a chicken coop or run. Not recommended for hanging.

If you are looking for a hanging model check out  Rent-A-Coop 2 Gallon Chicken Waterer

You will need a water heater to keep the water from freezing in winter.

Most recommended heater by the seller and users is  c-250 watt heater from Farm Innovators.


Farm Innovators Heated 2-Gallon Poultry Drinker


This is another amazing chicken waterer for all seasons. Temperature is controlled by a thermostat so the 60 Watt heater only works when necessary to prevent the water from freezing down to 00 F. The thermostat is designed to turn on approximately 35 degrees F. It then heats up and shuts off automatically. The water temp at shut off will vary and could fluctuate from between 45-55 degrees. A five (5) feet long electric cord is provided to connect the heater with the power supply. The heavy duty metal handle is ideal for hanging in the coop. Lid removes for easy refilling.

The translucent BPA free plastic tank’s capacity is 2.25 gallons.

Product dimensions : Width 12” Length 12” and Height 11” ; Weight 3.15 pounds.

Best Automatic Chicken Waterers


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Heater – much easier during the winter months.

Good quality, durable and ease of use.

Can be hanged.

Easier to refill.



You always have to make sure that the water never runs out when the heater is on.

You may have to teach your chickens how to drink from nipples as some consumers reported that their chicken don’t use it.

 “Put one near it and tap the nipple. If that one doesn’t get the idea, try another. It’ll only take a couple before all are following suit and doing it.”

A few consumers complained that the heater stopped working after some time.


Rent-A-Coop Automatic Chicken Waterer with Nipple Cups


Another innovative design from Ren A Coop. This chicken waterer comes with cups which are always half full. The chickens do not have to push any tabs as was with old models. The flock can dip their wattles into to cups which keeps the wattles clean. The no-roost cap prevent the chickens to roost on the waterer.

The five (5) gallons translucent BPA free plastic tank is 10” wide, 12” long and 15” high. Comes with four two (2) inches wide cups. For large flock there is space to attach four more cups. This waterer can also be used for ducks.


Best Automatic Chicken Waterers


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Great product.

Easy setup.

Self-filling cups.



Not suitable for hanging. If you are looking for a hanging waterer, look somewhere else.

Would not work well in freezing conditions.

One solution could be replacing the cups with nipples and using a heater inside the tank to keep the water unfrozen.

The cups are set too low in the bucket, making it impossible to set the unit down to clean, especially if there is any water remaining.


OverEZ Automatic Chicken Waterer


With a 12 gallons storage capacity, this chicken waterer eliminates daily maintenance by providing clean water for up to a month. This indoor and outdoor resistant drinker is made from UV-protected, food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable plastic. The innovatively designed three fully sealed nipple drinking stations prevent hens from soiling water- saving time and water. Very easy refilling and maintenance. Due to excellent design it can be placed directly on the ground.

The unit comes with power cord access port to prevent freezing with optional accessories, such as deicers and circulation pumps (sold separately).

The dimensions of this models are: 22.75″ Width – 12.50″ Length – 16.25″ Height. The weight of the thank is about 4.8 pounds.

Best Automatic Chicken Waterers


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Big size – saves an enormous amount of time.

A clean process.

Expensive but looks great for long term use.


If using outside, you would need a shade or cover in summer to ensure that the water does not become too hot for chickens.

You might need to put a foam in the gap on the top (designed for water deicers) to prevent bugs entering inside the tank.

When the water gets about ¼ of the way from bottom the flow to nipple slows down  making it hard for the chicken to get enough water intake.

Solution – keep the water level above more than 25% of the tank capacity.


Harris Farms Cup A Water Poultry Drinker


This sturdy looking chicken waterer can hold up to 4 gallons of fresh water. Provided with a hinged lid for easy refilling, the container can be hung outside of the containment fence with two (2) drinking cups inside with birds. Cups easily twist off for cleaning. Additional cups may be added for large flocks.

Made with BPA free food grade plastic it can handle 24 birds easily. The product dimensions are 8.82” (width) x 14.21” (length) x 12.72” (height). Weight: 2.17 pounds.


Best Automatic Chicken Waterers


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Ingenious and saves time.

Effortlessly removable lid.

Study hanger – best for hanging.


Some customers found it challenging to teach the chickens to peck the yellow spring to release the water. “To get the chickens to use the poultry watering cups do the following: remove all other water sources, bait the yellow stem with something sweet (like strawberry jam) to entice them to hit it—once they hit it they will realize that doing so releases water”. If your flocks still do not learn to replace the cups with auto-fill cups.

This model is not useful for little chicks.


Before purchasing a chicken water you need to figure out the following things:

Material: The bucket is made of either plastic or metal. In our opinion plastic is the best option because of durability, less weight and ease of replacement. Although sunlight fades the bucket color eventually, but it’s not a serious issue.

More importantly you can easily add apple cider vinegar to the water in a plastic bucket. This is not possible with the metal body since it erodes the metal.

Area: The type and size of your chicken waterer depends upon the area of the cage. PVC pipe with several nipples is most suitable for large flocks. If you have a small area perhaps a 5/12 gallon bucket with nipples or cups would be appropriate. Remember that one size does not fit all therefore choose the size of bucket according to the size of your flocks.

Weather: If you live in a very cold place you should look for the models with heaters- which keeps the water from freezing. PVC pipe might not be a good option in cold places.

Ease of Use: Look for the models which offer ease of use for the birds. Latest, state-of-the-art designs are useless if your chickens remain thirsty.

Useful tips for keeping your chickens healthy

A full grown chicken needs approximately 2 pints of water per day in summer. In winter the water requirement reduces to 1 pint per day.

Clean water is a must to keep the chicken healthy. Use apple cider vinegar or a bleach solution to get rid of harmful algae and bacteria, which always produces in the standing water regardless of whether it’s covered or not. We recommend that you do this activity on a weekly basis.

We hope that the information we provided above was useful to you. This article was produced after going through hundreds of real consumers’ reviews and many market research reports. The models we selected are highly rated and top among the bestsellers in their categories. They can’t be messed up by the chickens, easy to clean, and comfortable for the chickens to use.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you.

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